Medicine Risk Management (MRM) Programme

Momentum Health Solutions

The PG Group Medical Scheme has contracted Momentum Health Solutions to provide a service to our members who require treatment for their chronic conditions. The Medicine Risk Management (MRM) Programme is dedicated to managing chronic medication use in a manner that is beneficial to the health of members.

call 0860 005 037

Pharmacy network
Click here for a network pharmacy near you.

Expert Assessment and Advice

To ensure that the correct chronic medication has been prescribed. Our panel of pharmacological and medical advisors will assess the medication in accordance to guidelines and suggest alternatives.

We also endeavour to provide advice and information regarding chronic conditions.

Enhanced Authorisation Process

With our medical experts and technology, we have made our Chronic Authorisation Process highly efficient, so we won't keep you waiting on authorising the medication which you require.

For Medication Authorisations


Clicks/Dis-Chem Pharmacy
Please visit or contact your nearest branch to make enquiries

Medipost Pharmacy (courier pharmacy)
PO Box 40101, Arcadia 0007
call 012 426 4000

Schuin-Villa Pharmacy
PO Box 7824, Port Elizabeth 6055
call 041 364 3566

Strubenvale Pharmacy
PO Box 10440, Strubenvale 1570
call 011 362 5989 / 011 362 5597

Medicine Risk Management Programme information leaflet

Our MRM Programme ensures that each member who registers for a chronic condition receives the most appropriate treatment and medication. Read more about what this programme has to offer.

Medicine Risk Management Programme application form

Please book time with your doctor for him/her to examine you and complete this form. The ideal person to do this is the GP who regularly prescribes your medication.

Chronic medication advance supply request form

Please complete this application form if you have any circumstances, such as plans to travel outside of the country for an extended period, and you need to request an advance supply of medication from your doctor/pharmacy