Integrated Care Programme

Momentum Health Solutions

PG Group Medical Scheme has contracted Momentum Health Solutions to provide the Integrated Care Programme to assist our members to actively manage their chronic conditions. The programme is based on the latest research and designed by healthcare professionals with specialised knowledge of chronic conditions.

Programmes also exist for maternity, mental health, oncology (cancer) and pre-dialysis/chronic kidney disease management (including dialysis).

Participation is free and offers many benefits.

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Care Coach

This programme offers you direct access to a specialised care coach. Your care coach will work closely with you and your doctor to ensure care is co-ordinated, and you receive maximum value from the Scheme.

Treatment plan
  • Treatment plans provide patients with:
  • Authorised chronic medication
  • Authorised consultations, if required
  • Authorised tests and investigations, if required
  • Education material regarding conditions

Chronic conditions educational leaflets


Integrated care is uniquely tailored to the specific health needs and profile of each participating member. You will be taken on a personalised journey towards better health. Having a chronic condition does not stop you from living your best life! Read more about what this programme has to offer.

Integrated Care Programme application form

We automatically identify members who may benefit from enrolling on the programme. Participation is free and offers many benefits. Please ask your treating doctor to assist you in completing this application form.