YourLife Programme

YourLife Programme (HIV/AIDS management)

The Scheme has contracted with Momentum Health Solutions to provide the YourLife Programme for the benefit of members who are at risk of being HIV positive or have been diagnosed as a person living with HIV/AIDS. The YourLife Programme ensures absolute confidentiality and motivates participating members to manage their condition appropriately. We focus on education and support to empower you with the skills and knowledge you require to effectively manage your condition.

call 0860 005 037 (option 4)

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Case Manager

Members of the programme will be assigned to one of our professional case managers who are specialists and experienced in HIV treatment. They will provide counselling and advice on lifestyle management and specialist referrals.

Additional Benefits
  • HIV monitoring blood tests Doctor's consultations
  • Antiretroviral medication and delivery at an address of your choice.
  • During Pregnancy, treatment for yourself and your baby.
  • Medication to prevent HIV infection if you are exposed to blood or body fluids.
  • Management of TB for those who need it (As per scheme rules).

Enroll on our HIV Programme

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    download Download the application HIV Programme form
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    print Print out and complete the First Page and Medical Aid Section
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    stethoscope Get your Doctor to complete their section
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    edit_note The applicant needs to sign and complete the form
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    email Email

    Scan or photograph each page, make sure that the quality is good. Attach and email to us

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    Place in an envelope and post to us:

    YourLife Programme

    PO Box 2338
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    schedule We shall process once we have received your form.

Your guide to living positively

Welcome to the YourLife Programme offered by Momentum Health Solutions. The information in this booklet explains how the programme works and provides guidance on living positively with HIV.

YourLife Programme information leaflet

The YourLife Programme assists people living with HIV/AIDS to access quality care and to make optimal use of the benefits available to them. Read more about what this programme has to offer.

YourLife Programme application form

If you think you are at risk of being HIV positive or have been diagnosed as a person living with HIV/AIDS, you and your treating doctor may complete this application form for enrolment on the programme.

YourLife Appeals and motivation form
(for healthcare providers)

The purpose of the HIV appeals and motivation process for healthcare providers is to resolve clinical-related queries. Please complete this application with the details and reasons for the appeal and/or motivation.