Get rewarded for looking after your mental and physical health.

With Multiply Engage you’ll know your health, know what to do and get rewarded.

You score with every step you take to improve the way you eat, sleep, move, breathe, and connect.

This includes creating healthy habits for better nutrition, sleep quality, stress management, healthy exercise, and nurturing meaningful relationships and activities.

You get rewarded for every step you take towards your mental and physical health:

  • Do the Lifestyle Quiz and get access to the Digital Coach tool for personalised, daily tips on how to improve your overall wellness.
  • Do your health and fitness assessment and get a rewards level to give you your Multiply partner discounts and cashbacks.
  • Boost your rewards when you achieve your weekly activity and recharge goals.

You can score up to 60% from big brands.

*Multiply Engage Plus membership fees: Main member: R175 | Partner/spouse: R80 | Adult dependant (18 years and older): R35 | Child dependant (7-17): R20 | Child dependant (under 7): Free

It’s simple; the healthier you are, the more you score! Click here to get rewarded from day one.


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Get the Momentum Multiply app today!
Get the Momentum Multiply app today!